Monday, August 8, 2011

A Surprising Story

Hey there...
Well my posting has been mighty infrequent...but you will be glad to know that I have been writing away at that mystery story.  As promised, Sophie Ellis has now discovered a mysterious scrapbook filled with hand drawn missing posters.  The last missing poster in the book has blown away and been snatched up by a stranger.  She knows she's on the verge of something huge.  Sophie is now in search of a quiet place to think, so she's going to go to a coffee shop and examine the pages of the book more closely.

Next Goal: Sophie will study the drawings and ride the train home.  On June 18th (2 days later) there will be a news story on TV about a woman who has gone missing.  This woman will be the one from the scrapbook.

So I'm excited because I got a new follower (hi new follower!).  And it's time for me to keep writing.

Till next time...
T.A. Rain

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